This satisfies the geeky economist side of me. Too cute.

Finally some actual stats for comparison. The media can hype up anything & will continue to do so until people start interrogating reported stats in an intelligent fashion.


Tim Worstall, a Forbes contributor, absolutely rips apart the anti-Apple tone of the recent stories about Chinese factory conditions. 

This, alongside Tim Cook’s response and the letter to The New York Times from BSR President and CEO Aron Cramer refuting just about everything attributed to an anonymous “BSR consultant” in the most recent NYT story, certainly makes it seem even more like the laser-focus on Apple here was simply unwarranted.

Worstall’s best line is his last one:

Boycotting Apple for better Foxconn wages and conditions is like having sex for virginity. Entirely counter-productive and exactly the wrong thing to be doing.

[via The Brooks Review]

Or does is it just me?