Funny only because this topic comes up regularly for discussion in my house. (yeah we’re geeks)

In Other News…

Book Depository was bought by Amazon (no changes at this stage to free delivery), Heineken signs a global ad deal with Google, and Zynga files for a $1billion IPO (FarmVille sells a lot of virtual cows). The latter is strong evidence of network effect in play – gaming companies that currently rely on FB to reach their target audience has a vested interest to keep FB the dominant social network.


Firstly, an apology - this is very old news since I’ve been busy writing papers for my last MBA subject :P

Anyway, Walmart announces move into smaller format stores. How does this fit in with their strategy?

While Walmart has been able to benefit from the recent US economy downturn, they are still under pressure to grow. Given that they have saturated suburban areas of the US, I can see why they are pursuing the urban areas now. The problem is whether the resources that delivers their competitive advantage will be able to translate into the smaller store format. I have my concerns.

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